Where Can You Buy Lifecell? Our Comprehensive Guide

Where You Can Buy Lifecell

No matter if you are looking to buy your first tube of Lifecell cream or if you have purchased it for years, you have to know there are a few options for you to choose between when you are shopping. The cream can be purchased… directly through the manufacturer on their website, it is available at select number of the manufacturer’s retail stores across the country and it is also available online via third party vendors.

Lifecell Skincare Options

Lifecell SkincareLifecell, the original product manufactured by the company South Beach Skin Care, is a division of the South Beach diet lifestyle phenomenon. There is just one item they sell in order to take care of the skin, not a huge line. They offer anti-wrinkle cream which comes in a 2.54 ounce jar which costs between $150 and $185 per jar.

What can be confusing about the skin care product is not the product itself, but the competitors that title their products to be similar to Lifecell. The customers think they are buying Lifecell because it contains those words on the box, when in reality they are not. Different companies have incorporated versions of the words life and cell in to their name in an effort to confuse people on the product. Use caution when shopping for the cream so you know you are not only getting the real product, but you are paying a fair price for it.

How can you tell if you are getting an authentic tube of Lifecell cream? Buy directly from their manufacturer’s page. They will have the cream on the website and you can ship it directly to your house without having to run a search online or in the mall for it. When you are buying from a third party online or in person, you need to be aware of several things. First, make sure it is the true brand and not one similarly named. Second, check the price and verify it is close to what you have paid before or it is in line with what other sites are selling it for. Third, check the shipping costs before you start the checkout process to make sure they aren’t exorbitant.

Lifecell Discount Options

Depending on where you shop for the cream will determine if there is a sale price available. The manufacturer might offer a discount on the tubes of cream or when a larger number of items are purchased. However, since the product is in high demand, the sales are few and far between when shopping direct. For the Lifecell cream shopper who uses third party websites or even a retail outlet, the creams might appear they are on sale, so proceed with caution. Third party sellers need to raise the price in order to make any profit on the sale. Therefore, they may raise the price on the tag and then cut it to show a lower price, but in reality it is still higher than it would be had you gone direct through the manufacturer. Explore both options to find out who has the best price at the exact time you are buying it.

Your Shipping Options

Shipping of the cream should not cost more than what it would cost to ship any other product that is very lightweight. It should not cost any more than $7 – $10 to ship one bottle to your location within the continental United States. If it is going to Alaska, Hawaii or other locations around the globe, then the price will probably be higher.

Buying and using Lifecell cream can be a satisfying experience when you are a smart buyer. Verify you are buying the Lifecell cream that is authentic. Check all of the avenues where it is offered to find the best price. Compare the shipping charges and notice if they are in line with what you would expect to pay. Once you have the best of those two, then it is time to just sit back and wait for the order to arrive at your doorstep.

Where To Buy Lifecell

2 thoughts on “Where Can You Buy Lifecell? Our Comprehensive Guide

  1. elizabeth marsh says:

    if i sign up for the 30 day free sample, will i be put on a list to receive this product every month or so and the money is automatically taken out of my account. OR do i get the free sample and that ‘s it.

    • Elizabeth – you definitely won’t be sent the product every month. They send the trial out, and you get billed in 30 days, only if you are happy with it. If not, you call up during that 30 days and end your trial. Hope this helps!

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